Down the memory lane..

Down the memory lane. By Shruti Abhishek Shetty Ice-cold raindrops fell on her back, as she ran bare handed towards a shelter. She sneak-peeked through a gap, between the edge and the door.   It was all bright inside and nothing, but few webs and dried leaves scattered. Rain water gushed between her feet, sheContinue reading “Down the memory lane..”


I give my heart, to your piece of art. I love the way you talk, with your eye you draw even without a chalk. I give my heart, for genuinely you are very smart. You make me smile, even when am angry at you; in just a while. I give my heart, you are aContinue reading “I GIVE MY HEART”

Dedication to WRITERS acrossūüí蠂̧ԳŹ

Writing is fun, as simple as making a bun. Some say, writers are insane, yes, what we write can never enter brainless mane.   Though star twinkles in clear sky, its still there inside when clouds fly. Writers have similar inception, they are busy every time with their new creation.   When it’s all darkContinue reading “Dedication to WRITERS acrossūüí蠂̧ԳŹ”

The Same Road..

It is the same road which I took for tuition, the same road where I used to totter with mother, friends and siblings. My fate and me had no idea, the road would mean so much to me. It is the same road, where I use to get goosebumps. the same road where my feetContinue reading “The Same Road..”

Something’s missing…..

Her neighbors asked, How are you? She said, ‘Am good. ‘ Her relatives asked, What’s going on? She said, ‘Nothing’s special.’ Her colleagues asked, Why are you not chirpy at office? She said, ‘Am the usual me.’ Her in laws asked, Why are you quiet? She said, ‘I am tired.’ Her parents asked, Do youContinue reading “Something’s missing…..”


  Distance¬†cannot¬†tear¬†us¬†apart, You¬†brighten¬†me¬†like¬†Sun¬†does¬†the¬†world. Daughters¬†are¬†Papa‚Äôs¬†subtle¬†part, You¬†inspire¬†me¬†everyday,¬†have¬†I¬†ever¬†told¬†?   Throwing¬†focus¬†on¬†me, You¬†enlighten¬†me¬†today¬†and¬†shall¬†do¬†forever. Pushing¬†my¬†back,¬†wherever¬†stuck¬†i¬†may¬†be, You¬†abandon¬†me¬†in¬†mid¬†of¬†something,¬†never¬†?   Words¬†are¬†few,¬†prose’s¬†are¬†less, You¬†make¬†me¬†proud,¬†you¬†make¬†me¬†swirl. Love¬†for¬†you¬†i¬†can¬†never¬†express, You¬†know¬†me¬†like¬†no¬†one¬†knows,¬†for¬†who¬†I¬†am¬†?¬†–¬†your¬†GIRL.   Shruti Abhishek Karunakar Shetty

What is so unpredictable?

What should we name that thing which is so unpredictable ?? Happiness ? Death ? Survival ? Stability ? Or is it this thing called Life ? When does this Life exist and when does it end ?This whole universe has a cycle. Then why not this cycle is uniform ? Should Death be pre-Continue reading “What is so unpredictable?”


My FRIENDūüėöūüėö In him I see my friend, I see my rescuer, Likewise I use to see years ago.. Today, tomorrow and also when I will loose my teeth… In him I see my best friend, I see my partner-in-crime, Likewise I use to see months ago.. Today, tomorrow and also when I will looseContinue reading “My FRIEND”