Down the memory lane..

Down the memory lane.

By Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Ice-cold raindrops fell on her back,

as she ran bare handed towards a shelter.

She sneak-peeked through a gap,

between the edge and the door.


It was all bright inside and nothing,

but few webs and dried leaves scattered.

Rain water gushed between her feet,

she was left with no option but to shift.


She tick-tocked on the wooden planks,

arranged well but it still creaked.

She walked below a lavish chandelier,

that might have looted the wallet.


She trolled towards the room,

with torn sheets and empty cupboards.

Mirror reflected herself as brown shadow,

but she fell on the bed and sleep creeped.


She woke and as she tied her locks,

witnessed something similar she daily saw.

She was at her own bed and room,

but her hairstrands still smelled dust and saw.





I give my heart,
to your piece of art.
I love the way you talk,
with your eye you draw even without a chalk.

I give my heart,
for genuinely you are very smart.
You make me smile,
when your thoughts come in my mind for a while.

I give my heart,
you are a tick in my chart.
Teasing my beat,
you are my favorite meat.

-Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Dedication to WRITERS across💋 ❤️

Writing is fun,

as simple as making a bun.

Some say, writers are insane,

yes, what we write can never enter brainless mane.


Though star twinkles in clear sky,

its still there inside when clouds fly.

Writers have similar inception,

they are busy every time with their new creation.


When it’s all dark around,

We re-create bonds lost and found.

Writers tame situations in their belly,

however it may be hard or smelly.


Shruti Abhishek Shetty



The Same Road..

It is the same road which I took for tuition,
the same road where I used to totter with mother, friends and siblings.
My fate and me had no idea,
the road would mean so much to me.

It is the same road, where I use to get goosebumps.
the same road where my feet went numb.
My luck would shine and I would see you,
I could not even hear ‘lub-dub’ inside me.

It is the same road which I peeped, in the darkness of night.
the same road where my sleepy eyes would lead you to your apartment,
My mind and me feel so nostalgic now,
when I peep out of the window to witness rain.

It is the same road which lead me in your apartment in your car,
the same road which now takes me to you everyday.
My dreams and me we have together moved with you,
dressed in bridal wear, pointed nose and high heel.


– Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Even after I am gone…

Even after I am gone…

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your heart.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my writings.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your house.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my story.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your memory.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my books.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your tear.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my name.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in you.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in me.

By Shruti Abhishek Shetty.

Something’s missing…..

Her neighbors asked,
How are you?
She said, ‘Am good. ‘

Her relatives asked,
What’s going on?
She said, ‘Nothing’s special.’

Her colleagues asked,
Why are you not chirpy at office?
She said, ‘Am the usual me.’

Her in laws asked,
Why are you quiet?
She said, ‘I am tired.’

Her parents asked,
Do you need something?
She said, ‘just love me like you do.’

Her friends asked,
Do you want to share something?
She said, ‘I miss being with you all.’

Her love asked,
What’s wrong babe?
She broke in his arms and said, “I miss myself”

Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Monsoon – a reason to smile :)

Monsoon brings back the memories that had played a vital role in life. Every season has its memories but monsoon one’s are special. Monsoon awakens the mood and enlightens the soul. Favoritism in each of songs, travel destination, umbrella, person – all fill up the mind with immense happiness.

Monsoon engraves your soul into the essence of love. That too more, if your story began in this beautiful season of love. Monsoon energizes the creative mind, to create beauties of its kind. Want for food and love for passion is given a push from the back seat.

Monsoon winds calm down the atmosphere and the mind too. Traces of tranquility is spread all over. Monsoon gives you a pond made of puddle, so you know how to cross this hurdle. There wait many for months across the globe to feel the beautiful season.

Shruti Abhishek Shetty