In My Wishlist

I have read many books, mostly of love and hooks, don’t know but somehow, while reading I know what will happen now. Writing is my muse, it’s only thing where am not confuse, what to and what not to choose, it’s something I don’t wanna loose. Wish is to write something phenomenal, those goosebumps shouldContinue reading “In My Wishlist”

The Same Road..

It is the same road which I took for tuition, the same road where I used to totter with mother, friends and siblings. My fate and me had no idea, the road would mean so much to me. It is the same road, where I use to get goosebumps. the same road where my feetContinue reading “The Same Road..”

Something’s missing…..

Her neighbors asked, How are you? She said, ‘Am good. ‘ Her relatives asked, What’s going on? She said, ‘Nothing’s special.’ Her colleagues asked, Why are you not chirpy at office? She said, ‘Am the usual me.’ Her in laws asked, Why are you quiet? She said, ‘I am tired.’ Her parents asked, Do youContinue reading “Something’s missing…..”