Awakening all her senses she woke,
amidst deep sleep.
She heard some faint voice as if door is creaking,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

Dancing alone round the house,
tuning in her favourite music.
She felt someone brushing her hair,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

Sitting at her window,
reading her own written book.
She heard someone louder than her mind,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

Following her vaccum cleaner,
in the entire balcony.
She heard the leaves far behind her tatter,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

While praying in the grave,
sitting besides her granny’s tomb.
She noticed a heavy hand on her head,
She was now sure who it was.

— Shruti Abhishek Shetty



I give my heart,
to your piece of art.
I love the way you talk,
with your eye you draw even without a chalk.

I give my heart,
for genuinely you are very smart.
You make me smile,
when your thoughts come in my mind for a while.

I give my heart,
you are a tick in my chart.
Teasing my beat,
you are my favorite meat.

-Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Dedication to WRITERS acrossūüí蠂̧ԳŹ

Writing is fun,

as simple as making a bun.

Some say, writers are insane,

yes, what we write can never enter brainless mane.


Though star twinkles in clear sky,

its still there inside when clouds fly.

Writers have similar inception,

they are busy every time with their new creation.


When it’s all dark around,

We re-create bonds lost and found.

Writers tame situations in their belly,

however it may be hard or smelly.


Shruti Abhishek Shetty



Even after I am gone…

Even after I am gone…

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your heart.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my writings.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your house.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my story.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your memory.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my books.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your tear.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my name.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in you.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in me.

By Shruti Abhishek Shetty.

” You are Mine”

The day when I least loved you I can say,

was when I first saw you.

The day when I least admired you I can say,

was when I was not familiar to you.


There may come and go many instances when we disagree,

but always do agree when I say ” You are Mine”

There may come and go moments of happiness and sorrow,

but always do be there for me and say ” You are Mine”


– Shruti Abhishek Shetty




Distance cannot tear us apart,

You brighten me like Sun does the world.

Daughters are Papa’s subtle part,

You inspire me everyday, have I ever told ?


Throwing focus on me,

You enlighten me today and shall do forever.

Pushing my back, wherever stuck i may be,

You abandon me in mid of something, never ?



You make me proud, you make me swirl.

Love for you i can never express,



  • Shruti Abhishek Karunakar Shetty

What is so unpredictable?

What should we name that thing which is so unpredictable ??
Happiness ? Death ? Survival ? Stability ? Or is it this thing called Life ?
When does this Life exist and when does it end ?This whole universe has a cycle. Then why not this cycle is uniform ?
Should Death be pre- announced, how easy it would be ? We would know when to earn, when to spend. When to live life to the fullest, when to listen to your heart and when to listen to mind. So many things would have been easier.

When the life moves out of the body, even the body is not aware. Soul is out – so the body in now “NoBody”. The catch is be a preacher, a common man, a goon, an entrepreneur, a killer or some random Jack or John – once dead you will be called neither by your profession nor by your name – you will be a “BODY” to everybody. End of life is called Death, or we can say beginning of the next life is Death.

They say ,”Good souls are the first one to catch eye of the God.” Even God requires someone to take care of him. So I say, “Be Evil and you will live your life for your own sake.”

So my stake in life is – “Until DEATH calls you LIVE your LIFE.” When it’s your turn you have to leave everyone on their own. Better leave then on their own now and “LIVE and let LIVE.”

Have written this blog in memory of deceased near one Mr. Rajesh Shetty who was always jolly and took everyone on a ROLLER COASTER ride whenever he was around.. You will be missed… today ..tomorrow and always…

-Shruti Abhishek Shetty