Something’s missing…..

Her neighbors asked, How are you? She said, ‘Am good. ‘ Her relatives asked, What’s going on? She said, ‘Nothing’s special.’ Her colleagues asked, Why are you not chirpy at office? She said, ‘Am the usual me.’ Her in laws asked, Why are you quiet? She said, ‘I am tired.’ Her parents asked, Do youContinue reading “Something’s missing…..”

Mind games

Alone is the word right now that pierces my mind, eyes and soul. Maybe that’s my hormones or the current scenes or my stupid senses. They say the consciences have made souls who understand each other in and out. It’s the currents in each other that pulls closer. But the pull has to be ratherContinue reading “Mind games”

Next working day!

Usual was the day but was something special about it, then I looked on the clock it was morning — 24 past 8. Realisation dawned upon me that was it, holiday – which was worth the wait. Fast fast the clock ticked, butterflies churned my stomach, with the thought of what’s staring at me —Continue reading “Next working day!”


They were having a day among many other days, But for me it was one to learn for many coming days. They seemed calm, they seemed united – For they must have had many celebrations and hurdles passed. The route for them was the routine – may be yes; may be no, It was theContinue reading “Together”