Awakening all her senses she woke, amidst deep sleep. She heard some faint voice as if door is creaking, She wasn’t sure who it was. Dancing alone round the house, tuning in her favourite music. She felt someone brushing her hair, She wasn’t sure who it was. Sitting at her window, reading her own writtenContinue reading “Blessings”

What is so unpredictable?

What should we name that thing which is so unpredictable ?? Happiness ? Death ? Survival ? Stability ? Or is it this thing called Life ? When does this Life exist and when does it end ?This whole universe has a cycle. Then why not this cycle is uniform ? Should Death be pre-Continue reading “What is so unpredictable?”

The deadly journey.

Thumping amongst the dark woods they were threading with a snail’s pace, for they weren’t sure which way was their space. They walked ahead, they walked sideways, For it wasn’t the journey they take –  always. Sushhhhhhh Sushh Sussh shhh came some noise from bushes and creek, Their nerves went crazy and voices went meek.Continue reading “The deadly journey.”