Awakening all her senses she woke,
amidst deep sleep.
She heard some faint voice as if door is creaking,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

Dancing alone round the house,
tuning in her favourite music.
She felt someone brushing her hair,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

Sitting at her window,
reading her own written book.
She heard someone louder than her mind,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

Following her vaccum cleaner,
in the entire balcony.
She heard the leaves far behind her tatter,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

While praying in the grave,
sitting besides her granny’s tomb.
She noticed a heavy hand on her head,
She was now sure who it was.

— Shruti Abhishek Shetty


Mum, Mummy, Amma!

She is a nurse when you need healing,
A teacher when you need preaching,
God when you need blessing,
Mother when you need care.

Once I demanded for a “Kadhi” when I was at office,
she took the ingredients from the vendor below.
Prepared the delicacy before I was home,
love she has cannot be quantified.

She dreams of a better future for you everyday,
plans for the next day every moment.
Prays for you with each heartbeat,
counts your achievements adding a few herself.

She said NO to a dress which I asked for,
saved what she had from her monthly budget.
Skipped her birthday Saree,
and bought the same dress the month next.

-Shruti Abhishek Shetty