” You are Mine”

The day when I least loved you I can say, was when I first saw you. The day when I least admired you I can say, was when I was not familiar to you.   There may come and go many instances when we disagree, but always do agree when I say ” You areContinue reading “” You are Mine””

Are we factually living in the 21st century ?

Today while in the joggers park, just overheard 3 stupid males walking besides me. Need not be intimidated  I have a reason why I called them stupid. Usually am not the one who over hears some conversation of passerby or even the next person. I am instead totally against it. I usually,  if am aloneContinue reading “Are we factually living in the 21st century ?”

Everytime she is “SHE”

She everytime cleared her throat, to say something she never approved. But everytime she gulped her thoughts, thinking why to face the awkwardness that lay ahead. Sometimes she thought of the age and sometimes the relation. Always she had an approach where denial was not an option for the other party.   She was blessedContinue reading “Everytime she is “SHE””


  Distance cannot tear us apart, You brighten me like Sun does the world. Daughters are Papa’s subtle part, You inspire me everyday, have I ever told ?   Throwing focus on me, You enlighten me today and shall do forever. Pushing my back, wherever stuck i may be, You abandon me in mid of something, never ?   Words are few, prose’s are less, You make me proud, you make me swirl. Love for you i can never express, You know me like no one knows, for who I am ? – your GIRL.   Shruti Abhishek Karunakar Shetty

What is so unpredictable?

What should we name that thing which is so unpredictable ?? Happiness ? Death ? Survival ? Stability ? Or is it this thing called Life ? When does this Life exist and when does it end ?This whole universe has a cycle. Then why not this cycle is uniform ? Should Death be pre-Continue reading “What is so unpredictable?”


My FRIEND😚😚 In him I see my friend, I see my rescuer, Likewise I use to see years ago.. Today, tomorrow and also when I will loose my teeth… In him I see my best friend, I see my partner-in-crime, Likewise I use to see months ago.. Today, tomorrow and also when I will looseContinue reading “My FRIEND”

Mind games

Alone is the word right now that pierces my mind, eyes and soul. Maybe that’s my hormones or the current scenes or my stupid senses. They say the consciences have made souls who understand each other in and out. It’s the currents in each other that pulls closer. But the pull has to be ratherContinue reading “Mind games”

The deadly journey.

Thumping amongst the dark woods they were threading with a snail’s pace, for they weren’t sure which way was their space. They walked ahead, they walked sideways, For it wasn’t the journey they take –  always. Sushhhhhhh Sushh Sussh shhh came some noise from bushes and creek, Their nerves went crazy and voices went meek.Continue reading “The deadly journey.”

Though we are not the same!

Though we are not the same, – I can still feel your pain. Though we are not the same, – I can still understand you. Though we are not the same, – I can still say when you are hurt. Though we are not the same, – I can still think like you Though weContinue reading “Though we are not the same!”