Mum, Mummy, Amma!

She is a nurse when you need healing,
A teacher when you need preaching,
God when you need blessing,
Mother when you need care.

Once I demanded for a “Kadhi” when I was at office,
she took the ingredients from the vendor below.
Prepared the delicacy before I was home,
love she has cannot be quantified.

She dreams of a better future for you everyday,
plans for the next day every moment.
Prays for you with each heartbeat,
counts your achievements adding a few herself.

She said NO to a dress which I asked for,
saved what she had from her monthly budget.
Skipped her birthday Saree,
and bought the same dress the month next.

-Shruti Abhishek Shetty


M my Valentine!

How cheesy does it sound, ” I Love Me”,
If not how can I love We?
Claiming love for others is easy may be,
But my primarily it has to be Me.

Incomplete would be my existence,
If me wouldn’t enjoy my own presence.
I miss myself in my absence,
Love is the only reason of my existence.

Being in love with you or I,
Is there any difference between you and I?
Together when we come – He, She and I,
We make a family, which begins with I.

– Shruti Abhishek Shetty

From my father’s desk.

A word of praise from your father can make your day.

And here goes chain of sentences, which has actually made my life ūüėČ

Gene of a writer was a birthday gift given to be by my father. Obviously his traits will be proud ūüėČ

Links are provided below for those who wish to purchase my book –

Made my father proud,

Shruti Abhishek Shetty

All around!

Drowsy dreams in the eyes,

Lousy memories refuse to leave,

Guarding angels all around.

Warmth in the air,

Greasy palms,

Reverse calculations all around.

Powerful are the women.

Wise are the men.

Beautiful people all around.

Truth is blind,

Laughter of wicked is loud,

World is polluted all around.

                                РShruti Abhishek Shetty

Educreation Publishing has praised my work!

Hi friends!!

A post on Facebook updated by Educreation publishing the publishers of my first poetry book – Abstract – Piece of my mind about release of my book. Few words of honor by them.

A motivation for me. A moment of praise, lifetime of memory.

Please click on the link below for the exact words –

Truly honored,

Year of accomplishment!

Did it ever happen to you?

Did you ever wonder should I choose 1 or should I choose 2? Did some instances confuse you? Dual situations create dual the confusion. What do you do in such situation? Choose the easy one? How do you analyse which is easy or difficult?

Or is it only me who is blessed with confused situations always? I try and solve one; another stands in front of me like a pillar and the count continues. Were you ever stuck in between two or three choices? Usually my choice is the one which soothes my heart; the one which creates rhythmic beats. I listen to my heart, but many a times my intellectual brain works more than my heart and creates havoc. But usually the situation I choose is that which wont let me regret it later or else which atleast makes me feel so.

Thinking twice or thrice upon something is wise, but making it a daily dose of life is not wise. Like watering a plant is wise, but over-flooding it isn’t. Personally I feel when there is a choice to choose from, usually we tend to choose the one which shines. But then the thing is – whats the expiry of that shine? Will it last forever? Or will it just suffice for a day??

– Shruti Abhishek Shetty



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