Dedication to WRITERS across💋 ❤️

Writing is fun,

as simple as making a bun.

Some say, writers are insane,

yes, what we write can never enter brainless mane.


Though star twinkles in clear sky,

its still there inside when clouds fly.

Writers have similar inception,

they are busy every time with their new creation.


When it’s all dark around,

We re-create bonds lost and found.

Writers tame situations in their belly,

however it may be hard or smelly.


Shruti Abhishek Shetty



Abstract – Piece Of My Mind Poetry Book

Dear Friends,

This beautiful soul has reviewed my first book – Abstract Piece of my mind. Do check this out. You all can anytime get in touch with me for the copy of my first endeavor towards writing 🙂 Keep rocking ! I love you all 🙂

The Try Everything

About the book – Collection of poems.

Author – Shruti Shetty

Pages – 54

Author @Shruti Shetty’s thought process is the book. She considers the book as the piece of art.

A snippet from the topic The way you see it!

Walk the ladder, You shall land back to the start. Climb the ladder, You shall be at it’s peak.

There are many thought provoking poems present. One can understand her love for writing, especially in Poetry from Abstract – Piece Of My Mind.

Read the book to know more. Recommended to all Poetry lovers. Rating: 👌👌👌👌👌/5

Thank you author for the book.

Happy reading!😀

About the author: Shruti Shetty is a BSc graduate from K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, Vidyavihar Mumbai. She has completed her Diploma in Human Resource Management from Welingkars Institute of Management, Matunga Mumbai.

Being daughter of a well known writer Dr…

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Ancient Civilization and Recent Home Culture.

In India our ancestors had love, compassion and pride in their relation. It was then people knew how to use the bit they had in bits. And now we know how to use the bit we have in a larger bite.

The nuclear family diminishes the mind, heart and also the quality to embrace people (both family and distinct). When there was joint family people knew how to handle situation in a better way. Someone in the family had gone through the same, or at least some similar situation was handled together. Today, let far be someone advising you – you don’t even know who to approach.

Is it that we have lost our innocence or we have no time to be innocent anymore ? In search of treasure and the materialistic world we have left “OUR WORLD” – the human world far behind.

You know why lifespan has reduced today? Because of the complexity we have bought into it. There’s always this thing making its space in mind – what so ever you do to diminish it. ‘We need to live a luxurious life, I need to earn more than anyone else in family, I want to be a well- known person in society, we need to enroll our child in the best school, I want a duplex house, etc.’

Life was so simple and beautiful then. In a small hut of twenty people, 3 men were the working head, 4 women were the house makers and children were the education seekers. No competition, no jealousy, no differentiation. Everything that was bought into the house, was shared and enjoyed. Life was simple – so was human nature. Nothing to hide, so much to share – experience, knowledge., etc. So life was indeed exotic then… other than today.

The fashion has returned, the ayurveda has returned, the importance of natural environment has made its place again in the minds of people. So hope innocence too returns on a wider frame. Lets hope to get grounded and lead a better and happier life together.

Review of – A Girl, a Stolen Camera and a Borrowed Bike

Reviewed book –  A Girl, a Stolen Camera and a Borrowed Bike 

Writer –  a doc-to-be Nikhil Singh Shaurya.

Image result for a girl a stolen camera and a borrowed bike

         Loved reading this piece, which if to be described in a sentence is “Travel – you never know what might click and you might end up doing what you were actually meant to.” In life, less number of people are lucky enough to know what they actually want to do. If you do, then be a ‘Sonali’ and lighten up your world. While doing so, Sonali got that piece if hers, which was missing all these years.

     Sonali found ‘herself’ in search of ‘Jai’. She also inculcated a habit of writing diaries. Find yourself who is Sonali and who is Jai by reading this amazing book. Quickly find a reason to love yourself like Sonali did.. 


Reviewed By Shruti Abhishek Shetty.

Email –

Instagram Id – @mystique_dreamer


P.S – You can get in touch with me on mail or insta for reviewing your book too 🙂 …

Thanks & Regards 🙂

Sharing – How Math and Poetry Intersect — Nat Geo Education Blog

Very intersting and informative post – so could not resist myself from sharing it 🙂 🙂 🙂

ARTS Both poetry and math require economy and precision—and each perspective can enhance the other. (Smithsonian) Use our activity to introduce students to math, poetry, and nature. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit. Discussion Ideas One of the primary characteristics shared by many forms of poetry and […]

via How Math and Poetry Intersect — Nat Geo Education Blog

How fictitious are YOU ?

Though you wish to pen down many things, you ultimately forced to write only those points which actually serve good in the society. Jotting down your heart and mind as it is without any filter would put you in huge trouble. Sometimes writing what you actually know or feel hurts a political party or sometimes mentioning what actually the fact was (unless you are a reporter) lands you up on a La La land tour by the counter part.

Writing is one such art where you can feel, see or rather visualize without something actually being there. Writing can take you places which actually don’t even exist. You can create fictitious character, place, story or anything. Nowadays fiction saves the World. Reading, Writing has took an upper trend today – Why? Do you actually know???

Fiction as a genre is booming this industry. People do fall prey for imaginary characters (P. S – Evil and Good both). Fantasizing love with a wildest beast, a man turning to beast overnight, a princess falling off a cliff yet being saved by a bed of cloud, all these might have created a 2-minuter AV (Audio Visual) in your mind. See!!! GOTCHA! You were somewhere out with these stories and the characters . Am I on-point ???

Fiction doesn’t have a pattern. You can go with the flow – imagine, write, create, live, re-create. People say those who are into fiction, lack there own personal life. There’s something missing: so they search those happiness in fiction. But I believe can’t it be otherwise? Get those fictitious characters alive within you, who lives their lives wholehearted, is jolly, is wicked, is kind, is generous, is love. Why can’t you be that character who is fictionalized by all but lived by none???

What’s your take on my writing or rather fictional writings? Do share what you feel. Do update me on which fictional character you wanna be? Or if you have some fictional character with you in your super mind please share it with me and the world on the comments below….

Shruti Abhishek Shetty

In My Wishlist

I have read many books,

mostly of love and hooks,

don’t know but somehow,

while reading I know what will happen now.

Writing is my muse,

it’s only thing where am not confuse,

what to and what not to choose,

it’s something I don’t wanna loose.

Wish is to write something phenomenal,

those goosebumps should go till renal,

readers avid and wild,

should get kick, more than mild.

Framing the paragraphs, sentences and words,

is like training to fly for birds,

I want it to reach the soul not only mind,

I will  make it one of its kind.


– Shruti Shetty Abhishek

The Same Road..

It is the same road which I took for tuition,
the same road where I used to totter with mother, friends and siblings.
My fate and me had no idea,
the road would mean so much to me.

It is the same road, where I use to get goosebumps.
the same road where my feet went numb.
My luck would shine and I would see you,
I could not even hear ‘lub-dub’ inside me.

It is the same road which I peeped, in the darkness of night.
the same road where my sleepy eyes would lead you to your apartment,
My mind and me feel so nostalgic now,
when I peep out of the window to witness rain.

It is the same road which lead me in your apartment in your car,
the same road which now takes me to you everyday.
My dreams and me we have together moved with you,
dressed in bridal wear, pointed nose and high heel.


– Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Even after I am gone…

Even after I am gone…

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your heart.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my writings.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your house.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my story.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your memory.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my books.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in your tear.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in my name.

Even after I am gone,
I will be in you.
Even after I am gone,
I will be in me.

By Shruti Abhishek Shetty.

Something’s missing…..

Her neighbors asked,
How are you?
She said, ‘Am good. ‘

Her relatives asked,
What’s going on?
She said, ‘Nothing’s special.’

Her colleagues asked,
Why are you not chirpy at office?
She said, ‘Am the usual me.’

Her in laws asked,
Why are you quiet?
She said, ‘I am tired.’

Her parents asked,
Do you need something?
She said, ‘just love me like you do.’

Her friends asked,
Do you want to share something?
She said, ‘I miss being with you all.’

Her love asked,
What’s wrong babe?
She broke in his arms and said, “I miss myself”

Shruti Abhishek Shetty

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