A Silent Bed

Somehow here the noises,

gives peace of mind.

And there the silence-

sends eeriness.

Somehow here the house of 2,

gives strength and power.

And the crowd there-

sends shiver down the spine.

Somehow the untidiness,

gives feeling of a healthy place.

And the broom and disinfectants-

kills the feelings that dwell within.

Somehow here the heart is,

which finds its beats even without a doctor.

And there in the green bed,

the hope to live itself dies a hundred death.

Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Film in Reverse

Shiva dropped his walking stick on the barren land and jumped in the water to save the drowning Young man. He pulled the Young Man on the grass and helped him respire. The old man, Shiva had tears in his eyes. On being asked by the young man, Rahul he said: he has some uncanny resemblance with someone very dear to Shiva.

Rahul explained he had come to village with some friends to complete some research. He lost his way and was left alone. In void of drinking water he fell in the lake. Also he never had opportunity to learn swimming in his busy city life.

Rahul helped Shiva to get the stick, and offered him a drop till his house. The courtesy of Rahul overwhelmed Shiva. He merrily agreed the offer. On reaching the house Rahul noticed it was a simple, old wrecked house. The house had only a tailed member apart from Shiva. The tail wagged with a speed that Shiva never witnessed. The dog licked Rahul as he bent to pamper him.

Rahul’s eyes were shocked as they witnessed a picture hanging on the front wall. It had Rahul’s mother and father with the Young Shiva and probably his wife. Rahul went in a state of dilemma, and all the pictures in his mind was now a film which ran in reverse.

Share – Care

Mumble was she doing, and he kept on listening,

they two had their space, yet in vigilance.

She kept her head on his shoulder,

he cris-crossed  his fingers on her curls.

She shared her entire day with him,

he kept on humming in his tone.

She said am tired, I need to sleep,

he opened his arm and shared his warmth.

She dozed off as if she cared any,

he stared at her as if she was a beauty title.

She woke with the best sleep ever,

he smiled with the tired arm ever.

Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Book Review : A Quest for Spring by Monica Mujumdar Dixit :)

Reviewed Book – A Quest for Spring

Author – Monica Mujumdar Dixit

Reviewed by – Shruti Shetty

E-mail – shettyshruti5@yahoo.com
First and foremost I must congratulate the Author Monica Mujumdar Dixit on writing this wonderful piece of art. Male protagonist being Raehan Farooque and female protagonist being Amolika Nath, also the story revolves around them and their close family members. It’s all about the game of love, where Amolika and Raehan loose but not against someone but for each other. They keep the promises they made to each other and their guardians even on grounds of loosing themselves. What I loved about the book is the Author has made it a good 386 paged novel where the words, incidences, characters, emotions are synchronized and not pressurized.

Have a good read and check out yourself when given a second chance do the protagonists confess love for each other or they mend their ways apart??



Thanks and Regards,
Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Down the memory lane..

Down the memory lane.

By Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Ice-cold raindrops fell on her back,

as she ran bare handed towards a shelter.

She sneak-peeked through a gap,

between the edge and the door.


It was all bright inside and nothing,

but few webs and dried leaves scattered.

Rain water gushed between her feet,

she was left with no option but to shift.


She tick-tocked on the wooden planks,

arranged well but it still creaked.

She walked below a lavish chandelier,

that might have looted the wallet.


She trolled towards the room,

with torn sheets and empty cupboards.

Mirror reflected herself as brown shadow,

but she fell on the bed and sleep creeped.


She woke and as she tied her locks,

witnessed something similar she daily saw.

She was at her own bed and room,

but her hairstrands still smelled dust and saw.




Awakening all her senses she woke,
amidst deep sleep.
She heard some faint voice as if door is creaking,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

Dancing alone round the house,
tuning in her favourite music.
She felt someone brushing her hair,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

Sitting at her window,
reading her own written book.
She heard someone louder than her mind,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

Following her vaccum cleaner,
in the entire balcony.
She heard the leaves far behind her tatter,
She wasn’t sure who it was.

While praying in the grave,
sitting besides her granny’s tomb.
She noticed a heavy hand on her head,
She was now sure who it was.

— Shruti Abhishek Shetty


I give my heart,

to your piece of art.

I love the way you talk,

with your eye you draw even without a chalk.

I give my heart,

for genuinely you are very smart.

You make me smile,

even when am angry at you; in just a while.

I give my heart,

you are a tick in my chart.

Teasing my beat,

you are my favorite meat.

-Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Book Review : Abstract by Shruti Shetty — Dhwani

Book : Abstract – Piece of My Mind Author : Shruti Shetty Genre : Poetry Pages : 54 Publishing House : Educreation Publishing Price : ₹245/- Blurb : Abstract- Piece Of My Mind as the name suggests is summary of her thought process. Readers can easily get connected with her thoughts. This book is a […]

via Book Review : Abstract by Shruti Shetty — Dhwani

Book Review : My Journey with the Enlightened Masters by Khushwant Singh

Book Review – ‘My Journey with the enlightened masters’

Author – Khushwant Singh

Reviewed by – Shruti Shetty

E-mail – shettyshruti5@yahoo.com

On the occasion of birthday of Shree Krishna would like to share my review about this book ‘My Journey with the enlightened masters’ by Khushwant Singh @eccentric_mystic. He has shared many experiences of his and his first master being ‘Lord Krishna’ himself.

As per the writer through meditation he encountered his previous birth and his experiences with his enlightened masters. He wants to share the power of meditation and blessings of his enlightened masters with the world. Also he enchantingly writes in his last chapter, he is in search of those 73 people who are on verge of enlightenment in this life and Khushwant Singh wants to help them achieve it.

Reading something like this enables you gain some knowledge and share too. I suggest this book to people who wants to know about themselves, improve themselves and get closer to GOD.

Wow am really impressed and surprised too!!




Thanks and Regards,

Shruti Abhishek Shetty

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