Book Review : A Quest for Spring by Monica Mujumdar Dixit :)

Reviewed Book – A Quest for Spring

Author – Monica Mujumdar Dixit

Reviewed by – Shruti Shetty

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First and foremost I must congratulate the Author Monica Mujumdar Dixit on writing this wonderful piece of art. Male protagonist being Raehan Farooque and female protagonist being Amolika Nath, also the story revolves around them and their close family members. It’s all about the game of love, where Amolika and Raehan loose but not against someone but for each other. They keep the promises they made to each other and their guardians even on grounds of loosing themselves. What I loved about the book is the Author has made it a good 386 paged novel where the words, incidences, characters, emotions are synchronized and not pressurized.

Have a good read and check out yourself when given a second chance do the protagonists confess love for each other or they mend their ways apart??



Thanks and Regards,
Shruti Abhishek Shetty


Down the memory lane..

Down the memory lane.

By Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Ice-cold raindrops fell on her back,

as she ran bare handed towards a shelter.

She sneak-peeked through a gap,

between the edge and the door.


It was all bright inside and nothing,

but few webs and dried leaves scattered.

Rain water gushed between her feet,

she was left with no option but to shift.


She tick-tocked on the wooden planks,

arranged well but it still creaked.

She walked below a lavish chandelier,

that might have looted the wallet.


She trolled towards the room,

with torn sheets and empty cupboards.

Mirror reflected herself as brown shadow,

but she fell on the bed and sleep creeped.


She woke and as she tied her locks,

witnessed something similar she daily saw.

She was at her own bed and room,

but her hairstrands still smelled dust and saw.



Book Review : Abstract by Shruti Shetty — Dhwani

Book : Abstract – Piece of My Mind Author : Shruti Shetty Genre : Poetry Pages : 54 Publishing House : Educreation Publishing Price : ₹245/- Blurb : Abstract- Piece Of My Mind as the name suggests is summary of her thought process. Readers can easily get connected with her thoughts. This book is a […]

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Abstract – Piece Of My Mind Poetry Book

Dear Friends,

This beautiful soul has reviewed my first book – Abstract Piece of my mind. Do check this out. You all can anytime get in touch with me for the copy of my first endeavor towards writing 🙂 Keep rocking ! I love you all 🙂


About the book – Collection of poems.

Author – Shruti Shetty

Pages – 54

Author @Shruti Shetty’s thought process is the book. She considers the book as the piece of art.

A snippet from the topic The way you see it!

Walk the ladder, You shall land back to the start. Climb the ladder, You shall be at it’s peak.

There are many thought provoking poems present. One can understand her love for writing, especially in Poetry from Abstract – Piece Of My Mind.

Read the book to know more. Recommended to all Poetry lovers. Rating: 👌👌👌👌👌/5

Thank you author for the book.

Happy reading!😀

About the author: Shruti Shetty is a BSc graduate from K. J. Somaiya College of Science and Commerce, Vidyavihar Mumbai. She has completed her Diploma in Human Resource Management from Welingkars Institute of Management, Matunga Mumbai.

Being daughter of a well known writer Dr…

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Ancient Civilization and Recent Home Culture.

In India our ancestors had love, compassion and pride in their relation. It was then people knew how to use the bit they had in bits. And now we know how to use the bit we have in a larger bite.

The nuclear family diminishes the mind, heart and also the quality to embrace people (both family and distinct). When there was joint family people knew how to handle situation in a better way. Someone in the family had gone through the same, or at least some similar situation was handled together. Today, let far be someone advising you – you don’t even know who to approach.

Is it that we have lost our innocence or we have no time to be innocent anymore ? In search of treasure and the materialistic world we have left “OUR WORLD” – the human world far behind.

You know why lifespan has reduced today? Because of the complexity we have bought into it. There’s always this thing making its space in mind – what so ever you do to diminish it. ‘We need to live a luxurious life, I need to earn more than anyone else in family, I want to be a well- known person in society, we need to enroll our child in the best school, I want a duplex house, etc.’

Life was so simple and beautiful then. In a small hut of twenty people, 3 men were the working head, 4 women were the house makers and children were the education seekers. No competition, no jealousy, no differentiation. Everything that was bought into the house, was shared and enjoyed. Life was simple – so was human nature. Nothing to hide, so much to share – experience, knowledge., etc. So life was indeed exotic then… other than today.

The fashion has returned, the ayurveda has returned, the importance of natural environment has made its place again in the minds of people. So hope innocence too returns on a wider frame. Lets hope to get grounded and lead a better and happier life together.

Sharing – How Math and Poetry Intersect — Nat Geo Education Blog

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ARTS Both poetry and math require economy and precision—and each perspective can enhance the other. (Smithsonian) Use our activity to introduce students to math, poetry, and nature. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit. Discussion Ideas One of the primary characteristics shared by many forms of poetry and […]

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