Review of – A Girl, a Stolen Camera and a Borrowed Bike

Reviewed book –  A Girl, a Stolen Camera and a Borrowed Bike  Writer –  a doc-to-be Nikhil Singh Shaurya.          Loved reading this piece, which if to be described in a sentence is “Travel – you never know what might click and you might end up doing what you were actually meant to.”Continue reading “Review of – A Girl, a Stolen Camera and a Borrowed Bike”

Are we factually living in the 21st century ?

Today while in the joggers park, just overheard 3 stupid males walking besides me. Need not be intimidated  I have a reason why I called them stupid. Usually am not the one who over hears some conversation of passerby or even the next person. I am instead totally against it. I usually,  if am aloneContinue reading “Are we factually living in the 21st century ?”

The deadly journey.

Thumping amongst the dark woods they were threading with a snail’s pace, for they weren’t sure which way was their space. They walked ahead, they walked sideways, For it wasn’t the journey they take –  always. Sushhhhhhh Sushh Sussh shhh came some noise from bushes and creek, Their nerves went crazy and voices went meek.Continue reading “The deadly journey.”

Next working day!

Usual was the day but was something special about it, then I looked on the clock it was morning — 24 past 8. Realisation dawned upon me that was it, holiday – which was worth the wait. Fast fast the clock ticked, butterflies churned my stomach, with the thought of what’s staring at me —Continue reading “Next working day!”


Throwback is what you have with you when you are done with the last second you just lived. So why not you make this last second worth the throwback. Why not live your last second as if it is the last second of your life. You never know when will a truck hit you onContinue reading “Throwback”

All around!

Drowsy dreams in the eyes, Lousy memories refuse to leave, Guarding angels all around. Warmth in the air, Greasy palms, Reverse calculations all around. Powerful are the women. Wise are the men. Beautiful people all around. Truth is blind, Laughter of wicked is loud, World is polluted all around.            Continue reading “All around!”