Review of – A Girl, a Stolen Camera and a Borrowed Bike

Reviewed book –  A Girl, a Stolen Camera and a Borrowed Bike 

Writer –  a doc-to-be Nikhil Singh Shaurya.

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         Loved reading this piece, which if to be described in a sentence is “Travel – you never know what might click and you might end up doing what you were actually meant to.” In life, less number of people are lucky enough to know what they actually want to do. If you do, then be a ‘Sonali’ and lighten up your world. While doing so, Sonali got that piece if hers, which was missing all these years.

     Sonali found ‘herself’ in search of ‘Jai’. She also inculcated a habit of writing diaries. Find yourself who is Sonali and who is Jai by reading this amazing book. Quickly find a reason to love yourself like Sonali did.. 


Reviewed By Shruti Abhishek Shetty.

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Are we factually living in the 21st century ?

Today while in the joggers park, just overheard 3 stupid males walking besides me. Need not be intimidated  I have a reason why I called them stupid. Usually am not the one who over hears some conversation of passerby or even the next person. I am instead totally against it. I usually,  if am alone –  take assistance of my earphones and ignore such people around me. But today while I was choosing the next song to play by chance overheard them.

They were into praising a girl who I perceive according to the overheard conversation possibly is a Model by profession. She’s beautiful –  one man said. She stayed at the same apartment as one of those guys. She also was coming to the same joggers park to exercise. The same guy commented, “After exercising, before going to apartment she will smoke and she will leave for her workplace wearing a Saree one day and the other day a Mini. She’s a model, they have such culture at their workplace.”

Okay now I understand from this small overheard conversation that still in 21st century there are chauvinistic male, who first satisfy there eyes by staring at a girl then with the help of their stinking mouth utter words which are basically a chemical deformity of their brain. Firstly you cannot moralize anyone as ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’. Second you cannot discriminate the work they pursue and the way of life they adopt.

I am into belief that you are free to think, perform, talk and do whatever you want. But yes, by not under-rating or criticizing some other person. If she smokes – let her, if she dances – let her, if she bangs a girl-let her. What’s your problem, Dude?

To answer some of your questions –

1) Even if she’s your wife, sister, mom or daughter you have no right to boss a girl. She’s born with her identity, let her own hers.

2) Even if her persona is something better than yours accept it, don’t demotivate her.

3) Even if she’s not willing to do what most of women do, let her not do. She is unique – accept her that way.

4) Even if she’s the one who has her own terms and conditions – respect it.

People, I want your participation in this – please share your views and perception on the topic. Please comment below about your opinion.

Shruti Abhishek Shetty


The deadly journey.

Thumping amongst the dark woods they were threading with a snail’s pace,

for they weren’t sure which way was their space.
They walked ahead, they walked sideways,

For it wasn’t the journey they take –  always.

Sushhhhhhh Sushh Sussh shhh came some noise from bushes and creek,
Their nerves went crazy and voices went meek.
Upon her fell clutters of leaf,
They saw –  too near was a deep cliff.

Terror struck them as wooshed some cars in the lane by their side,

But none stood by them and they were left to stride.
Came a shadow, it hit them on their face,
Till today where they went – there are no trace.
Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Next working day!

Usual was the day but was something special about it,
then I looked on the clock it was morning — 24 past 8.
Realisation dawned upon me that was it,
holiday – which was worth the wait.

Fast fast the clock ticked, butterflies churned my stomach,
with the thought of what’s staring at me — the next day.
Schedule was the actual turning arch,
though it is good to do every work on time they say.

Some tendencies which are humane you cannot change,
still some do it with their will power.
I soothed my mind so that it comes in range,
saying the next day holds good that has happened but never.

-Shruti Abhishek Shetty


Throwback is what you have with you when you are done with the last second you just lived. So why not you make this last second worth the throwback. Why not live your last second as if it is the last second of your life. You never know when will a truck hit you on face or you never know when you loose your memory or say your heart has stopped beating. Saying, writing for that matter even thinking that we should live our life to fullest is easy, but do you know actually living life to the fullest is easier. The mantra is, “Whatever comes in – take it with a smile”. Also, “Whatever goes – leave it with happy note”.
Capture your thoughts before it vaporizes. Implement your thoughts before its used by someone else. With throwbacks you come to know how well are you doing with your life or what is that which you have lost. If the throwback was made you smile,  that means you enjoyed your life and if the throwback made you frown —you come to know you are a survivor.So, “get alive & live!”

-Shruti Abhishek Shetty

All around!

Drowsy dreams in the eyes,

Lousy memories refuse to leave,

Guarding angels all around.

Warmth in the air,

Greasy palms,

Reverse calculations all around.

Powerful are the women.

Wise are the men.

Beautiful people all around.

Truth is blind,

Laughter of wicked is loud,

World is polluted all around.

                                – Shruti Abhishek Shetty