I gaze at the sky

— By Shruti Abhishek Shetty Sitting besides the window, I gaze at the sky, I feel that hot breeze, taking over my naked face. I take a notepad, Stick out a pen, Scribbling what I see, I let the flow take its speed. Sitting besides the window, I gaze at the sky, Enjoy the ceilingContinue reading “I gaze at the sky”

Share – Care

Mumble was she doing, and he kept on listening, they two had their space, yet in vigilance. She kept her head on his shoulder, he cris-crossed  his fingers on her curls. She shared her entire day with him, he kept on humming in his tone. She said am tired, I need to sleep, he openedContinue reading “Share – Care”


Awakening all her senses she woke, amidst deep sleep. She heard some faint voice as if door is creaking, She wasn’t sure who it was. Dancing alone round the house, tuning in her favourite music. She felt someone brushing her hair, She wasn’t sure who it was. Sitting at her window, reading her own writtenContinue reading “Blessings”


I give my heart, to your piece of art. I love the way you talk, with your eye you draw even without a chalk. I give my heart, for genuinely you are very smart. You make me smile, even when am angry at you; in just a while. I give my heart, you are aContinue reading “I GIVE MY HEART”

Dedication to WRITERS across💋 ❤️

Writing is fun, as simple as making a bun. Some say, writers are insane, yes, what we write can never enter brainless mane.   Though star twinkles in clear sky, its still there inside when clouds fly. Writers have similar inception, they are busy every time with their new creation.   When it’s all darkContinue reading “Dedication to WRITERS across💋 ❤️”

How fictitious are YOU ?

Though you wish to pen down many things, you ultimately forced to write only those points which actually serve good in the society. Jotting down your heart and mind as it is without any filter would put you in huge trouble. Sometimes writing what you actually know or feel hurts a political party or sometimesContinue reading “How fictitious are YOU ?”

The Same Road..

It is the same road which I took for tuition, the same road where I used to totter with mother, friends and siblings. My fate and me had no idea, the road would mean so much to me. It is the same road, where I use to get goosebumps. the same road where my feetContinue reading “The Same Road..”

Something’s missing…..

Her neighbors asked, How are you? She said, ‘Am good. ‘ Her relatives asked, What’s going on? She said, ‘Nothing’s special.’ Her colleagues asked, Why are you not chirpy at office? She said, ‘Am the usual me.’ Her in laws asked, Why are you quiet? She said, ‘I am tired.’ Her parents asked, Do youContinue reading “Something’s missing…..”

” You are Mine”

The day when I least loved you I can say, was when I first saw you. The day when I least admired you I can say, was when I was not familiar to you.   There may come and go many instances when we disagree, but always do agree when I say ” You areContinue reading “” You are Mine””


  Distance cannot tear us apart, You brighten me like Sun does the world. Daughters are Papa’s subtle part, You inspire me everyday, have I ever told ?   Throwing focus on me, You enlighten me today and shall do forever. Pushing my back, wherever stuck i may be, You abandon me in mid of something, never ?   Words are few, prose’s are less, You make me proud, you make me swirl. Love for you i can never express, You know me like no one knows, for who I am ? – your GIRL.   Shruti Abhishek Karunakar Shetty