The Chocolate Box

Her father didn’t eat them,

because she liked them.

She ate Chocolate all day,

and his pocket had uneaten one every day.

Grandpa got them from his store,

she ate few more from her silent store.

Mama introduced her to chocolates with pass of DNA,

chocolate was now in each strand of her DNA.

Those who visited always got her one.

sharing was in her option — the last one.

He gifted her a whole box of chocolate,

She cherished the last bite of chocolate.

Chocolate was her favorite and so was he,

she chose to love him and so did he.

Years later their son discovered the box,

memoirs were fresh and so was the empty box.

Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Published by Shruti Shetty Abhishek Karunakar

W-R-I-T-E-R Writer Wanderer - Revolutionary Wacky - Revolt - Ignited Witty- Rebel - Iconic - Triumphant Wicked - Real - Incredible - Tricky - Enigmatic Worthy - Romantic - Idealistic - Teaser - Energetic - Resolute

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