Film in Reverse

Shiva dropped his walking stick on the barren land and jumped in the water to save the drowning Young man. He pulled the Young Man on the grass and helped him respire. The old man, Shiva had tears in his eyes. On being asked by the young man, Rahul he said: he has some uncanny resemblance with someone very dear to Shiva.

Rahul explained he had come to village with some friends to complete some research. He lost his way and was left alone. In void of drinking water he fell in the lake. Also he never had opportunity to learn swimming in his busy city life.

Rahul helped Shiva to get the stick, and offered him a drop till his house. The courtesy of Rahul overwhelmed Shiva. He merrily agreed the offer. On reaching the house Rahul noticed it was a simple, old wrecked house. The house had only a tailed member apart from Shiva. The tail wagged with a speed that Shiva never witnessed. The dog licked Rahul as he bent to pamper him.

Rahul’s eyes were shocked as they witnessed a picture hanging on the front wall. It had Rahul’s mother and father with the Young Shiva and probably his wife. Rahul went in a state of dilemma, and all the pictures in his mind was now a film which ran in reverse.

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