Monsoon – a reason to smile :)

Monsoon brings back the memories that had played a vital role in life. Every season has its memories but monsoon one’s are special. Monsoon awakens the mood and enlightens the soul. Favoritism in each of songs, travel destination, umbrella, person – all fill up the mind with immense happiness.

Monsoon engraves your soul into the essence of love. That too more, if your story began in this beautiful season of love. Monsoon energizes the creative mind, to create beauties of its kind. Want for food and love for passion is given a push from the back seat.

Monsoon winds calm down the atmosphere and the mind too. Traces of tranquility is spread all over. Monsoon gives you a pond made of puddle, so you know how to cross this hurdle. There wait many for months across the globe to feel the beautiful season.

Shruti Abhishek Shetty



Published by Shruti Shetty Abhishek Karunakar

W-R-I-T-E-R Writer Wanderer - Revolutionary Wacky - Revolt - Ignited Witty- Rebel - Iconic - Triumphant Wicked - Real - Incredible - Tricky - Enigmatic Worthy - Romantic - Idealistic - Teaser - Energetic - Resolute

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