You are my FOREVER :)


He dated some other girl,

She met him and her world had a swirl.

He loved the other girl – but couldn’t agree to all her norms,

She day dreamed about writing his name in all her forms.


He had his heart broken- the old bitch had left,

She had in her heart a new ray of hope.

He was shattered, panting to collect the pieces which was theft,

She thought of giving him a hand to help him cope.


He was more than happy, merry and gay,

She gave him a new reason to stay.

He felt warm, wanted and cared,

She in her life for no one else would have dared.


He fell once again but this time he was rude,

She understood what behind his behavior stood.

He had kept his soul in front of her – stand nude,

She loved him like a chef does his favorite food.


– Shruti Abhishek Shetty






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