Everytime she is “SHE”

She everytime cleared her throat, to say something she never approved. But everytime she gulped her thoughts, thinking why to face the awkwardness that lay ahead. Sometimes she thought of the age and sometimes the relation. Always she had an approach where denial was not an option for the other party.   She was blessed with the freedom of thought and behaviour. But sometimes she had to respect the norms of the society where her whereabouts belonged.

            She was young, she was bold but also she knew where she belonged. She knew to follow her heart, but also she knew to somewhat respect other’s heart. Someone had said respect others they shall respect you. They even said with time you need to adjust somewhat, somewhere. So does she. She believed and even today she believes, “do and let do.”

              She approved to a certain level what she can. She denied to a certain level wherever she can. She was still a part of family, a society where she wants peace and tranquility to prevail. She never felt guilty of what she does, she neither has to — because she does what is right according to her perception. Perception do differ and its good it does. Because what’s the use if we are all like-minded people in the society. She is “She”, nobody else can play her role better.
– Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Published by Shruti Shetty Abhishek Karunakar

W-R-I-T-E-R Writer Wanderer - Revolutionary Wacky - Revolt - Ignited Witty- Rebel - Iconic - Triumphant Wicked - Real - Incredible - Tricky - Enigmatic Worthy - Romantic - Idealistic - Teaser - Energetic - Resolute

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