Everyday is a new day.

Everyday is a new day.

A usual dreamy day – early morning hour and I was threading along the road with the intention of reaching the office on time. Just then saw a teenage boy with his pet dog crossing the road. Instantly a flash from my childhood came in my mind.

     Remember the drawings which we use to do ?? The road scenes – a vendor selling vegetable, a man taking his pet dog along, a grandfather trolling around with his toddler grandchild, people rushing to their work, etc. Then I was the one who was drawing these, today I am on the other side of the drawing. And the scene here is far more beautiful than my immature drawings 😉 I am one of those people rushing to the office.
      This experience of mine made me realize how tables turn and how one day you are on other side of the picture, you yourself have drawn sometime back.

      How time changes and that too without our knowledge. At-least when people change we know that they have changed or they are changing. Also you can complain or appreciate the change in them. But time has never given any one the opportunity. It changes and it changes on its own pace. No ifs and no buts. So you need to utilize the time or time will utilize you with itself.

– Shruti Abhishek Shetty

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