Mind games

Alone is the word right now that pierces my mind, eyes and soul.
Maybe that’s my hormones or the current scenes or my stupid senses.
They say the consciences have made souls who understand each other in and out.
It’s the currents in each other that pulls closer.
But the pull has to be rather strong from both ends for the conscience to prevail.
Once broken glass cannot be reunited, so is this thing called love.
When left alone the time ticks for you and no-one else.
So catch a lone corner and make the most of the lone moments like me doing right now.
May it be a wedding or may it be a movie or a family gathering.
Remember alone everyone comes and goes apart from those lucky twins and partners.
So why worry in being alone being between cushions in the bedroom or amongst unknown crowd.
Tough time to come ahead, rather train the mind or get ready to play with the soul.
Knowing the differences is better than making a clown of yourself everywhere and every moment.
But still the inner me pulls to the me-side and creates havoc within and beyond.
To learn being someone else and not you is way difficult.
But that’s what needs to be practiced if not today but tomorrow – being born as a girl demands.
Life was so undifferentiated when I was my father’s princess.
Now I am neither a princess nor a queen but  somewhere between.
Decision was mine and I still don’t regret for I have been taught to follow my heart.
The reason is unknown even after so many differences still why do I wait and why do I cry.
Being used to this is the only medium where we can be together for the situations similar has rised earlier.
I am going to do something that’s not at all me for the first time.
Let’s see if it works or withers away.
Like they say it is the women who needs to be in understanding side of the beam always.
So now I begin the process from being girl to women but that has to be obviously my way.
It’s like I would change for better but the change will come the way I like it.
Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Published by Shruti Shetty Abhishek Karunakar

W-R-I-T-E-R Writer Wanderer - Revolutionary Wacky - Revolt - Ignited Witty- Rebel - Iconic - Triumphant Wicked - Real - Incredible - Tricky - Enigmatic Worthy - Romantic - Idealistic - Teaser - Energetic - Resolute

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