The deadly journey.

Thumping amongst the dark woods they were threading with a snail’s pace,

for they weren’t sure which way was their space.
They walked ahead, they walked sideways,

For it wasn’t the journey they take –Β  always.

Sushhhhhhh Sushh Sussh shhh came some noise from bushes and creek,
Their nerves went crazy and voices went meek.
Upon her fell clutters of leaf,
They saw –Β  too near was a deep cliff.

Terror struck them as wooshed some cars in the lane by their side,

But none stood by them and they were left to stride.
Came a shadow, it hit them on their face,
Till today where they went – there are no trace.
Shruti Abhishek Shetty

12 thoughts on “The deadly journey.

  1. Very good and in so few words. I love it. Thanks for following my blog.

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  2. A great post. Welcome to the blogging community.


    1. thank you so so much dear… I love being here..

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I could feel the eeriness and suspense, reminiscent of books that frightened me as a child. Nice work.

    If you have time please check out my page too, thanks.

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  4. Eerie, spooky – I guess that was your intent πŸ™‚


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