Throwback is what you have with you when you are done with the last second you just lived. So why not you make this last second worth the throwback. Why not live your last second as if it is the last second of your life. You never know when will a truck hit you on face or you never know when you loose your memory or say your heart has stopped beating. Saying, writing for that matter even thinking that we should live our life to fullest is easy, but do you know actually living life to the fullest is easier. The mantra is, “Whatever comes in – take it with a smile”. Also, “Whatever goes – leave it with happy note”.
Capture your thoughts before it vaporizes. Implement your thoughts before its used by someone else. With throwbacks you come to know how well are you doing with your life or what is that which you have lost. If the throwback was made you smile,  that means you enjoyed your life and if the throwback made you frown —you come to know you are a survivor.So, “get alive & live!”

-Shruti Abhishek Shetty


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