All around!

Drowsy dreams in the eyes,

Lousy memories refuse to leave,

Guarding angels all around.

Warmth in the air,

Greasy palms,

Reverse calculations all around.

Powerful are the women.

Wise are the men.

Beautiful people all around.

Truth is blind,

Laughter of wicked is loud,

World is polluted all around.

                                – Shruti Abhishek Shetty


Published by

Shruti Shetty Abhishek Karunakar

W-R-I-T-E-R Writer Wanderer - Revolutionary Wacky - Revolt - Ignited Witty- Rebel - Iconic - Triumphant Wicked - Real - Incredible - Tricky - Enigmatic Worthy - Romantic - Idealistic - Teaser - Energetic - Resolute

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