Share – Care

Mumble was she doing, and he kept on listening,

they two had their space, yet in vigilance.

She kept her head on his shoulder,

he cris-crossed  his fingers on her curls.

She shared her entire day with him,

he kept on humming in his tone.

She said am tired, I need to sleep,

he opened his arm and shared his warmth.

She dozed off as if she cared any,

he stared at her as if she was a beauty title.

She woke with the best sleep ever,

he smiled with the tired arm ever.

Shruti Abhishek Shetty


The deadly journey.

Thumping amongst the dark woods they were threading with a snail’s pace,

for they weren’t sure which way was their space.
They walked ahead, they walked sideways,

For it wasn’t the journey they take –  always.

Sushhhhhhh Sushh Sussh shhh came some noise from bushes and creek,
Their nerves went crazy and voices went meek.
Upon her fell clutters of leaf,
They saw –  too near was a deep cliff.

Terror struck them as wooshed some cars in the lane by their side,

But none stood by them and they were left to stride.
Came a shadow, it hit them on their face,
Till today where they went – there are no trace.
Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Let us heal too !

— By Shruti Abhishek Shetty

When the nature is healing,

Let us heal too!

Get the sleep that you have always craved.

Spend quality time with your loved ones.

When the nature is healing,

Let us heal too!

Play games that made your childhood.

Eat food that smacked your lip.

When the nature is healing,

Let us heal too!

Pour out the old photo album.

Refresh the memories that created the photos.

When the nature is healing,

Let us heal too!

Crack lame jokes and laugh.

Watch movies seen long and forgotten.

When the nature is healing,

Let us heal too!

Read books and make notes.

Write your heart out and post.

When the nature is healing,

Let us heal too!

Do make up and wear your favourite dress Click pictures and share with friends.

When the nature is healing,

Let us heal too!

Paint a blank canvas.

Watch a youtube video and learn a new skill. 

When the nature is healing,

Let us heal too!

Day dream some more.

Map your way towards your goal.

When the nature is healing,

Let us heal too!

Jot things to do when the lockdown opens.

Do not forget the get the things ticked.

— By Shruti Abhishek Shetty

School days!!

By Shruti Abhishek Shetty

I miss those days when-

I heard my name loud in the morning,

and woke at an instant and said my prayer.

I poured the hot water from the bucket, 

some on bathroom tiles and some on me.

I miss those days when-

I ate the corn flakes and drank Horlicks,

while mother braided my hair.

I heard the horn of the school bus,

and I rushed with socks, shoes and bag in hand.

I miss those days when-

I missed the school prayers,

because the bus was late.

I enjoyed the class singing and dancing,

as the teacher was absent.

I miss those days when-

I had my seat reserved in the bus,

where I returned home with homework.

I had my lunch ready and the tv chanel set,

when mother asked how was the day.

I miss those days when-

I slept in the afternoon and got up soon,

to finish the tuitions and then play.

I returned home all clay and mud,

and greeted father after his all day run.

I miss those days when-

I finished my homework and food,

to fill my bags for an another day.

I did my reading and writing,

and went to bed with my favourite toy.

I miss those days when-

I woke up the next morning,

to see the sky full of clouds and rain pouring.

I got a call from a friend,

and I heard -“today there is no school dear!”

And I really miss those days !!

By Shruti Abhishek Shetty

I gaze at the sky

— By Shruti Abhishek Shetty

Sitting besides the window,

I gaze at the sky,

I feel that hot breeze,

taking over my naked face.

I take a notepad,

Stick out a pen,

Scribbling what I see,

I let the flow take its speed.

Sitting besides the window,

I gaze at the sky,

Enjoy the ceiling fan twirl,

and I watch the curtains fly.

I watch an eagle scoop,

With a blank look,

staring at the faraway mountain,

Amused I am; as to who I am.

By Shruti Abhishek Shetty


Poem by – Shruti Shetty

That what will follow is unknown,
those on daily wages yearn for money.
Atleast we can tame the known,
just sit at home with your honey.

Can hear the birds chirp,
and also few times the rooster crow.
Be a potato on the couch and burp,
while watching a matinee show.

The silence around is deafening,
no bullet, no motor.
We are on a go, we are still fighting,
no big basket, no grofer.

Few search reason to jump on the street,
also few roam without one.
Why you want to go and greet,
while helping the virus get its job done.

When food and stuffs are over,
then get down, once home get sanitized.
Don’t over fill your rack and make a tower,
everyone has stomach to be filled.

If you get a chance to feed,
feed the birds, the animals and the poor.
To the rumours do not pay heed,
Stay safe, stay indoor.

Not everyone get more than they ask,
a break we have got – just scroll and rest.
Few brave hearts are doing their task,
if not well, then go get yourself a test.

Don’t panic – just Quarantine,
you never will have such a chance.
As said a stitch in time saves nine,
let’s be ready for our victory Dance.

-By Shruti Shetty

—– Please read and feel free to share. —– Also comment on your thoughts on the same line. Let’s share knowledge while being Quarantined.

“Always for you”

Caressing her cheeks
with his palms he said you are still hot.
She retorted, “Always for you”
He blushed and got her medicated cloth
placed it on her forehead,
She resisted but he insisted.
Holding the cloth across her head,
He slept on the wall against.
As the clock struck two,
Sickness had made her shut her eyes.

He moved a bit and
She had her eyes opened too
Pulling a pillow beneath his head,
She made him sleep and
She slept at a distance, not to let it spread.
In the morning her flu was gone,
And her tiredness too.
It was he who cured her,
Than her medicines which were more than two.

Thought of NOW

I have had a pathetically long long gap in my writing. I have not been reading as well. I have not had that urge to write or read as well. So I have decided to give myself time. But somewhere am feeling this time gap is stealing the shine.

Since then I have had a feeling that I have been missing on something. Writing and reading has always been an important part of my life. Yes I have to agree am watching Amazon & Netflix series and movies more lately. But that has been kind of an urge to know what happens next. Leading me to watch the next episode, season or series.

Writing and reading was an addiction for me. And that’s clearly an addiction for your betterment. Now I have not completely withdrawn, but yes I have had a long gap. Still figuring out where’s and why is that gap? I really want the force of addiction back. I want to read, I want to write, I want to shout and scream through my lines.

Hope to come out louder and clearer in front of the world with my thoughts and words. Just waiting for my voice to be back!!

Why can’t I ??

Why I can’t write?

Why I can’t read?

I have plenty of papers to write.

And plenty of books to read.

What’s that stopping me?

What’s that abandoned me?

I cannot think of a term,

It’s really not blue of my exams at mid term.

Writing keeps me leading,

Reading always plays it charm.

With this where am I leading?

Is my talent shredding it’s charm?

Am sure this is a short break,

I am strong I will surely not break.

I will be re-born more perfect,

I will arise and be better than perfect.

– Shruti Abhishek Shetty

I need you!

When am sick,

I need your lap to sleep.

I need your warmth against my cold.

I need your touch to heal my pain.

When am sad,

I need you as my pillow.

I need you to just be my side.

I need you to kiss me hard till I smile.

When am angry,

I need you to just listen to me.

I need you to bribe me chocolates.

I need you to hug me till my demon flies.

– Shruti Abhishek Shetty

The Chocolate Box

Her father didn’t eat them,

because she liked them.

She ate Chocolate all day,

and his pocket had uneaten one every day.

Grandpa got them from his store,

she ate few more from her silent store.

Mama introduced her to chocolates with pass of DNA,

chocolate was now in each strand of her DNA.

Those who visited always got her one.

sharing was in her option — the last one.

He gifted her a whole box of chocolate,

She cherished the last bite of chocolate.

Chocolate was her favorite and so was he,

she chose to love him and so did he.

Years later their son discovered the box,

memoirs were fresh and so was the empty box.

Shruti Abhishek Shetty

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